Minnesota D.A.R.E. Presents:

“D.A.R.E. to Express Yourself”

This year’s campaign is “DARE to Express Yourself.” We want to help Minnesota students learn safe and healthy ways to express themselves. They need to know there are many gifts and talents that each individual can possess. It is okay and necessary for us all to be different.

They can often use some of these special gifts and talents as a form of expression; be it art, music, writing, science, math, dance, sports, etc. These can also be coping mechanisms to help us when we are feeling down or anxious or angry or a variety of other strong emotions. It is okay to feel these emotions but they also need to know where to go when they get overwhelmed and need a safety net. If we don’t help our children learn how to cope with stress and other emotions and feelings, they may begin to make unhealthy choices.

DARE Decision Making Model and safety information walks students through ways to cope with the things life may throw at them. We are much more than just a drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention organization.

Throughout the year we will be using our officers, website, social media, newsletters, etc. to get out safe and healthy tips and ideas for children, parents, families, and communities. Speaking engagements will be conducted in workplaces and communities on key issues like addiction, mental health issues, violence, safety, bullying and cyberbullying. We will be adding additional community presentations and speaking engagements to better involve our parents, communities, businesses, corporations, and foundations.

A special initiative is being conducted to expand our programming, to areas that do not have a current DARE program. We will address additional health and safety issues that are impacting our Minnesota young people; tough issues like school violence & safety; bullying and cyberbullying; Internet Safety; mental health issues; and drug, tobacco, and alcohol abuse continue to top our agenda. We have to do what it takes to keep our children safe!

We need parents, educators, communities, foundations, businesses, and companies to join together for the sake of our children. They deserve the opportunity to feel safe and loved.


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