October 25

Choose Your Path Wisely


Right Path

There are so many paths in life; you will have to make a lot of choices.  Not everyone will or should be on the same path.  Just following someone else, is not necessarily where you belong. 

You need to make wise decisions; think about the consequences of your choices.  Take time to evaluate your past choices.  Do they feel right to you?  How will they impact the way you want your life to go?  Will you be adding more obstacles to your path?  Who are resources for you along the way?  Are they positive and reliable?  Do they have your best interest in mind?  What are your gifts and talents and how can you use them? 

If you feel you are on the wrong path what changes can you make to get back on the right path?  Who can help you find your way? 

We will all make mistakes along the way.  It is important to recognize them and make the necessary changes. Gather together your necessary support system and your equipment; build up your strengths; pack up your gifts and talents; use your senses; and wisely find the path that is right for you.   

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