March 13

Consequences (by Will – MN DARE Youth Rep.)



I heard an interesting segment on the radio a while back.  It said that everybody when they are young does something that he or she is told not to do out of sheer curiosity.  For example, sticking your tongue to a frozen pole in the winter.  They find out that their tongue sticks, and it hurts when they rip it off the pole.  They saw for themselves the reasons why people had forewarned them about it.  Now, imagine that you stick your tongue to that pole but it never comes off.  It controls every aspect of your life and you cannot get away from it; you’re stuck.  For some people, drugs and alcohol are that pole.  They are told not to do it, but do it anyway.  But the consequences for using substances are a lot worse.

My name is Will Durie.  I am the new DARE youth representative for my state, Minnesota, where I have lived all my life.  I am a sophomore at Hibbing High School.  I play baseball and basketball, run cross country, participate in math team and knowledge bowl, and sing in the choir.

I became involved in DARE in elementary school, like most 3rd-6th grades in America.  It was my first real education about substance and abuse.  DARE taught me how to deal with stressful situations and was a tool that I used when I was in a position where I felt uncomfortable.  During my time as the DARE youth representative, I will be writing on a range of topics for the DARE blog.


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