All posts for the month June, 2014

We want to welcome you to Minnesota D.A.R.E., Inc’s Parent Blog!  We have wanted to get this started for some time and the time is finally here!.

We are aware that many parents have questions and sometimes just need a little support.  We are providing information and support for our children but we want to be there for you too.  Since Minnesota D.A.R.E., Inc. is 24 yrs old, and the programming actually began 27 yrs ago, we know that our first students are now becoming parents.  We want to be there for you again!!

It is our dream to provide you with health and safety information and tips for the entire family.  Over the years, Minnesota D.A.R.E. has become much more than just a program on drug prevention; we now cover a wide variety of health and safety topics.

Stay tuned, we are also getting ready to open the Student Blog.  We will be providing more “kid friendly” informational pieces on that site.

Welcome back to the D.A.R.E. program!  It is now time for you to enroll in the Minnesota D.A.R.E. Parent Program by following this blog!

Thanks for your support!


Kathi Ackerman, MSW, LGSW, LADC

Minnesota D.A.R.E., Inc. Executive Director