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Today is a beautiful fall day in Minnesota; don’t miss it!  Whatever you are doing, take time to be in the present moment.  See the beauty, be the beauty  in each moment or you are going to miss it.  Even if you are doing yard work, cleaning the house, or sitting at your children’s sporting events; breath, relax, and find the beauty.  Take time to release your stress, anger, and frustration.  You have the power to do this; you control your thoughts.  These  present moments pass us by too quickly.  Will it really make a difference if you don’t get the dusting done today?  You child is standing beside you begging for a few moments of your time.  You won’t regret giving them more time.

We cannot change the past so why are you wasting your time there?  The future will arrive, in time; you cannot live there.   Wishing, hoping, and regretting are ways to evade the present moment.  The “present” is a gift.  Give it to yourself; share it with your family and your friends.


Kathi Ackerman, Executive Director Minnesota D.A.R.E., Inc.