All posts for the month October, 2015


Do you know that your outer beauty is a reflection of your inner beauty?  What does your reflection look like? 

Are you pouring out negative or positive energy?  If you are not liking the way others are reacting to you, look to see what you’re projecting.  When you are giving anger, criticism, or judgment; you may just be getting it reflected right back at you.

Try giving kindness, understanding, maybe a smile and see what you get in return.  If someone is being harsh to you, you don’t have to take it personally.  Try reflecting back understanding and kindness; see what happens.

Before you go blaming others for their poor behaviors, look at what YOU are giving to them.

We get to choose what you want to reflect.  What do you see in the mirror?



As today is setting, remember that what happened is in the past.  We cannot change it.  We do have some choices we can make; we can cherish the memory of it, we can ruminate about what went wrong, or we can learn from it and let it go.  You get to decide what you want to do with the past and where you want to channel your energy. 

Tomorrow will be a new day and everyday can be a new beginning.  You can build on your past and make your present different.  Cherish the present; a present is a gift. 

As you say goodbye to your day, be grateful for the experiences.  Learn from your successes and failures.  Tomorrow is a new day and is your new beginning!


Kathi Ackerman, MSW, LGSW, LADC