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Do you remember what it was like to be a child at Christmas?  Remember the excitement, the dreams, the wonder, the energy?  Take some time this year to find your inner child.  Instead of spending the entire holiday season in a panic, find some way to fit laughter into your schedule.

This time of year, we see people in the stores and on the roads, getting angry due to holiday stress.  Our workplaces become overwhelming as we push toward the end of the year.  We are uptight at home as we worry about getting everything ready for the holidays.  We have forgotten the most important recipe this holiday season, fun and laughter.

Maybe it is time we learn from the children.  They know there is magic in the air.  When did we lose sight of it?

This Holiday Season, stop the negative energy and play like children.  Stop the negative posts on Facebook and vow to only spread positive messages, preferably, funny messages.  Don’t give gifts out of obligation, give them out of love.  Don’t just send holiday cards, add a personal note of thanks.  Maybe the magic you create will spread! 

We, in the counseling field, know that laughter and love is the best medicine for good health.  You have an infinite supply; pass it on!!!




Some days you realize that you have to stay positive; you are expected to keep yourself and maybe a team going.  Negativity may seem to be all around placing barriers in the path.  As the leader, remaining positive means identifying the potential trouble sources so you can stay clear.  The climb can be a struggle.  When you reach the top, look back at the view; see the beauty of where you have been.

This week started with a large amount of negativity in my work world.  At the end of Monday, I just wanted to run.  Things became overwhelming; my emotions and reactions were handled poorly.  I was left with a defeated attitude.  I reached out for help and was very quickly reminded by a good friend, of my own words, a few weeks ago. 

“When things get overwhelming and impossible; it is time to cut out the negativity in your life.  It is wasting your energy.”

Whether you are the leader in your job, your family or your own life; do not get stuck on the negative.  It will drain your energy. Take a look back and see the beauty.  It is the climb that got you where you are today.  You are learning during that climb and the struggles.  See the negative barriers and move around them.  You cannot change a major boulder in your path but you can recognize it and move around it.  Don’t just stand and look at it…move.

We all have bad days, over react, and make mistakes.  This is a part of learning.  Don’t beat yourself up; pick yourself up.  Move around the negative barriers and see the beauty on the other side.  It’s there; open your eyes and see the beauty!

Kathi Ackerman, MSW, LGSW, LADC